Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Style icon: Nicole Kidman

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There are certain people who stand out because of what they do or the way they dress or look. These people can be considered as style icons. For me, such an icon is Nicole Kidman. She is a much admired actress and she seems like a very nice person and she is a classic, beautiful and stylish woman.

I liked her since the first time I saw her years ago in ‘Bangkok Hilton’ and I still admire her today.
She is a good actress and even received an Oscar for her wonderful portrayal of Virginia Woolf in ‘The hours’, and she also won several golden globes. Of course she made a few movies that are not so good (let’s forget about Bewitched or The Stepford wives’, because I think they were horrible), but all actors make films that are good and others that are not so good. Nicole Kidman was amazing in ‘The Hours’, ‘The Others’, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Australia’. She can do comedy, as she showed in ‘To die for’ and classical drama like ‘Portrait of a lady’. She also did the musical ‘Moulin Rouge’ and did her own singing in that movie. Her singing surprised everyone and she even had a duet with Robbie Williams, that became a hit.
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I just love the simple elegance of this

There are of course people who do not like Nicole Kidman, although I cannot really understand how violent some people are in their dislike of her. I even found a website where somebody uses all his time and energy to write hateful things about Nicole Kidman and all the things she does. If you do not like her, do not watch her movies, it really is as simple as that. (and surely, life is too short to devote all your time and energy to somebody you do not like? But some people are very weird)

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Nicole shopping with her family
Of course I do not know her personally, but Nicole seems like a caring and genuinely nice en sincere person. For example, she never talked bad about Tom Cruise or the marriage he had with Katie Holmes, she does not drink or use drugs, she does not trash hotelrooms, she does not hit photographers or has public rows with other actors and she supports good causes. When her husband had to go to rehab, she supported them, and she is a wonderful mother.
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No need to say more.
And of course, she is an amazing looking and beautiful woman. I know some people criticize her for using botox, and I must admit, there are some photographs of her that are not very flattering. Also some people say she has had plastic surgery, but when you look at photographs of her now and from some years ago, there are, in my opinion, no major changes. I am not saying she never had any plastic surgery, but naturally she does not look the same now as she did when she was 20. She is 45 now, and it is the years that make the biggest difference.
She is very stylish when she is out on the red carpet, or at a public event, but I also like her in her casual clothes when she has the day off.  
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Not everybody can wear a colour like this, but Nicole can.

Photo source
No nonsense, and comfortable

Photo source
relaxed and smiling

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very chic
Photo source
Together with her husband 

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