Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Not just a house, but a home

It is quite easy to live in a house and never think about the furniture or the things that you have to make your house look beautiful and look like you. We all want to live in a house that is comfortable and that gives us what we need.
For me, there are three things important in a house; plants, books, and light. When I have these things, my house stops becoming just my house, it becomes my home.

Plants make youre house more beautiful and more alive, more lived in.  Green plants or plants with flowers, I like them all. Because I have no window sills, I do not have as many plants as I would like, but I am thinking about ways to have more plants in my house.
Not all of us have a garden or a greenhouse, some of us must do things a litte simpler. Although I do love a greenhouse like this, it makes me want to dig into the earth immediately.
Photosource here

I just love these shelves with the little potplants. Ony difficulty with these small pots is you have to water them almost every day.
But it looks absolutely amazing.
This room divider is a clever way of stacking some books together, and putting several plants on top.

I know it is oldfashioned, perhaps, but I can't help it. I love this room and I would live in it very happily.
Photosource here

Oke, this is a bit too much, perhaps, but still good fun and somehow, despite how much is going on, there is still an air of tranquility in this room. Photosource here
But light also plays a huge part in a good house or room. A certain kind of light can make or break a room, and can completely transform it.
Imagine waking up in a bedroom like this, with windows like these and light like this.
Photosource here

I love the cleanness of this room and how the light makes it warm, instead of cold. Very beautiful.

A round window, gorgeous.

Again a very white room, but the light makes it cosy and warm. I love this.
Photosource here 

And books, of course, no room in my mind is complete without books. Yes, not just a house has to have books, but ideally, every room needs to have books. I have books in all my rooms, except the bathroom of course.
Love these high bookcases.

Beautiful light and bookscases, (and a little plant on the table, what more do I want?)

Amazing place to sit and read and enjoy your books.
photosource here
The other photos are from tumblr and flickr.

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