Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What greater gift than the love of a cat

When I was little, we had cats, and when I moved out, the first thing I wanted was a cat. First, I had Floortje, a fierce cat, but devoted to me and very lovely. She died and now I have two cats, Corrado and Silvia. They come from a shelter and I had to take both of them, because they love eachother. I gave them the names of two characters from the Italian series  La Piovra; (The octopus) Corrado Cattani (played by Michele Placido) and Judge Silvia Conti.
My cats are amazing. I absolutely love them and they get away with murder!
The title of this blogpost is a quote by Charles Dickens by the way.
Silvia (l) and Corrado (r)
I am not the only one who loves cats, a lot of famous people also adore cats and are photographed with them.

Nicole Kidman with cat. Photosource

Steve McQueen, the King of Cool being even cooler with a cat in his arms. Photosource

Marilyn Monroe with a white cat. Photosource

Gorgeous Audrey Hepburn with an equally gorgeous cat. Photosource

Sean Connory, license to purr. Photosource

James Dean and his Siamese. Photosource
Marlon Brando with his cat. Photosource

Jane Fonda even did yoga with her cats. Photosource

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