Thursday, 15 January 2015

Blogs I like, part 2

This is one of the photographs made by
Siobhan from Bless the weather,
who kindly gave me permission to use it. Source
Here is a list of a few blogs I recently discovered and that I like very much.
These four blogs are all very different I think, and from all corners of the earth. I like how each blog brings something interesting and unique, and how each blog has its own style and voice.

Bless the weather
A great blog by Siobhan Watts, with absolutely beautiful photographs. Siobhan is an inspiration for me in this respect, I want to make more and better photographs so perhaps one day I will come a little bit closer to hers.
Siobhan lives in South London and blogs about her life, photography, recipes and knitting.

A piece of toast
Dalles-based sisters Sally and Molly share this blog with great posts about fashion, jewelry, places they went to, their lives etc. At a certain time I thought the posts were becomming too commercial, but since then it has been explained and the blog has stirred away again from things that did not really belong there. I especially love Toast talks, often with some wisdom and insights.

Harper and Harley
This is a blog by Sara Donaldson from Australia. She has a beautiful style and tends to wear black, white and grey. Very minimalistic, but certainly not boring.
I like how Sara can make something simple look beautiful and elegant, and also effortless. Quite an inspiration.

Into mind
This is also a lifestyle blog that is focused on the basics and minimalistic side of things. It is from Anuschka who lives in Berlin. She does not post often, but what she posts is always interesting and well thought-out.


  1. The blogs you read are based from various places all over the world - I love that!

    Into Mind is a blog I enjoy also.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. I also like how they are all so very different and distinct!

      Kind regards,

  2. Thank you for sharing, Bettina! I was immediately lost in Sara Donaldson's blog because her aesthetic is very similar to mine - greyscale and minimalist :)

    1. Yes, I was pretty lucky I found it, her blogs makes me want to throw out all my clothes and start again, only in neutrals this time!

      Kind regards,


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