Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Starting with running

I am not really someone who is very sporty, I am not sporty at all. I do like yoga, but I do not count that as a sport. There is however, in my aversion against sport one exception and that is running.

I like running because you do not need anybody and you can do it where and when you want. In short, running is perfect for me.

About fifteen years ago I started running with the help of a colleague. When I was at the point I could run easily for 30-40 minutes straight, I got a job at another school and due to all kinds of reasons I did not continue with running.

A couple of years ago I wanted to start again, but due to all kinds of medical issues this did not work.
And in the past weeks the itch has come back. The medical issues that plagued me in the past years are almost over and I wanted to start running again.

I decided to take the first step and buy new shoes. I always like to get advice from specialists and went to a special running shop.
Here I was filmed running through the store with a pair of shoes, so they could see exactly how I run and what kind of shoes I would need.
It seems I land on my entire foot and that is good (never knew that) but my ankle bends strangely.

I also have weird feet in the sense I have broad feet and a high instep. It turned out a couple of men’s shoes were the best for me, with extra support on the inside.
And I must say, buying them was one of the best things I did, because they fit amazingly! (for the people who want to know these things, I have Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 medium support)

Usually I am not interested in gadgets, but I did buy a runner’s watch, a Garmin forerunner 10. This watch has GPS and can store the data of the runs you make, distance, time etc.

Together with a shirt and a pair of runners tights and good socks I spend an enormous amount of money, but it was a good investment I think.

Since that day, in the first week of January I started with the training in earnest. Not once did I miss an appointment with myself, despite cold, storm and rain. And I love it. Although right now it is more walking briskly with some jogging in between, I hope in the near future I can honestly say that I can run.

Advice if you want to begin running
  • Be prepared to invest in good shoes
  • Go to a specialized shop for advice
  • Be prepared to try on many shoes
  • Never go for a shoe that does not fit perfectly
  • If you have the money, it might be worth investing in a gadget like a runner’s watch. Keeping the data really helps to motivate you.
  • Make sure you have some good training schedules. The shop can help you and there are also books with schedules and of course you can find plenty of advice on the internet.
  • You can also download apps with lessons and trainigschedules for your Smartphone to really help you on your way.
  • Put in your diary when you want to run and lay out your clothes in advance
  • Most importantly: enjoy yourself


  1. It's great that you've been able to get back in to running; I imagine you are reaping so many benefits from it. Also, it sounds like you had amazing service that the specialist shoe shop!

    I often hear people, especially of late, talking about all the positives that running has and I'd love to try and take it up but I know it is something you don't go in to lightly. Also, I feel like I don't have the opportune time at the moment; I am at home with my son all day and by time my partner finishes work it is 7pm and well and truly dark out, something I'm not comfortable with.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Oh I completely understand, I also do not run in the dark. Perhaps it will be possible for you to take up running if your son is a bit older and goes to school (okay, you might have to wait a few years :-) )

      Kind regards,


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