Well, the chair was for me, but my cats thought I bought it for
them.  Silvia (l) and Corrado (r)
If you like interesting bookreviews, beautiful photographs and divers posts about art, history, exhibitions and a little insight into my life, then

The focus of this blog is often on Italy. I love Italian culture, books, films, history and of course the food. I have a deep love for Rome especially and I have visited this eternal city many times already.

I try to post something about Italy as often as possible, sometimes it is a book by an Italian author, sometimes it is a general article about Italian culture, a film or an interesting story.

I love reading, but not all the books I read end up with a review on this blog. I read a lot of (historical) non-fiction and biographies. The focus here is also on Italy, or on Russian history, so amidst the Italian posts you can sometimes find an article about a Russian book for example.
Next to the non-fiction, I read a lot of modern fiction by Italian, French, Dutch, English and American authors mainly.

This blog
In September 2011 I began a blog in Dutch. I immediately fell in love with blogging and in October 2012 I began this blog. There is sometimes an overlap in articles, some books I review on my Dutch blog are also published on this blog and some general articles also fit both blogs, but there is a difference. On this blog I tend to be a bit more creative, I place more photographs and I sometimes write about things like my fashion-influences for example.

In the beginning I did not quite know what kind of blog I wanted this to be, and I tried out different things. In trying out different things, I found out what I like to write about. So gradually, this blog changed content and the focus shifted a bit.

And right now I am confident and happy with the direction I took.

So, what can you expect from
It is a personal blog with Impressions from my life, with

- personal posts,
- the 
- art I love,
- museums I visited,
- some
- some cooking and of course
- photographs of day-excursions and travels I make.

And like I said, often these posts will focus on Italy.

So who is the person behind this blog?
I am Bettina (1975) and I live in The Netherlands. I studied history at the university of Amsterdam and I have been working as a history teacher since 1999. For me, this is the best job a person can have!

I love reading, my cat, I do yoga and try to go to an art exhibition often. I am a Roman-Catholic, I love Italian food, I like English detective series and Italian movies and of course I love writing and photography and I enjoy how these things come together when I blog.

One of the best things of blogging is the contact with my readers and other bloggers, and I really enjoy hearing from you. So, if you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to contact me.

You can do so by leaving a comment under a post. 

Of course you can email me: aegrissen at gmail dot com

Or find me on twitter @BettinaGrissen

And I am also in Bloglovin.

I hope to hear from you!