The castle of Doornenburg

Already in the 9th century there was a castle in the little town of Doornenburg. This castle was built in the 13th century and according to the records, it was never taken by the enemy. Until the 19th century noble families lived here. During WWII it was severely damaged, but with the help of the government it was repaired and restored. It is a museum now.
We visited the castle during februari, and it was not open for the public at that moment. It as also a very cold day (as the pictures will probably tell you)
From the outside, the castle surrounded by a moat.

The enterance to the court yard.
From the outside, the chapel (lovely little tower) and the moat.

The little chapel on the courtyard. The bridge is the enterance to the castle.
From the outside, you can see the main part of the castle at the left, and the courtyard with the chapel at the right.

The high and strong walls defend the castle

The courtyard as it looks now. The main building is surrounded by a moat. You have to cross a bridge to enter.
The main part of the castle, built for defence.