Italian cooking

The four Italian cookbooks I regularly use
One of the Italian things I admire is the Italian love for food and cooking. Each meal you get there is delicious, I never had a bad meal when I was in Italy. In the markets you see fruit and vegetables displayed, and the taste is usually amazing. I am not a fan of Dutch strawberries, but Italian ones are little taste-explosions, the same goes for tomatoes.

Italians love their food, talk about it endlessly and enjoy planning what they will eat that day.
Italian food is also healthy, can be easy to make and not to forget: it is absolutely delicious.

I decided I want to follow the Italian example and pay more attention to my meals. I have a few Italian cookbooks and I selected four of them to use regularly. I will try to make one of the recipes from these books at least three times a week.

As for breakfast and lunch I will see what I can do there, I am not fond of coffee in the morning, I really like my tea, but perhaps I can do something Italian for lunch.

I’ll keep you updated.
My other Italian cookbooks


  1. Oh thank you. And perhaps I will share a few of my favorite recipes if you like! Thanks for the idea, I think I'll like to do that.

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