Exhibition 1917, Romanovs and Revolution

In the Hermitage in Amsterdam there is a beautiful exhibition at the moment, about the Romanov family and the revoltion: 1917, Romanovs and Revolution. 
This year is has been one hundred years ago the Russian Revolution took place, ending the Romanic dynasty and replacing it with a communist totalitarian regime.

The exhibition is amazing. The Hermitage always has beautiful exhibitions, but this time I think they outdid themselves. It begins with a large hall, made to look like a shopping mall in Saint Petersburg in 1900, the different shopwindows showing us elements of life in Russia in those days.

After that you get the chronological story of the tragic reign of tsar Nicolas II of Russia, the road to revolution and the fate of the Romanov family.

I especially loved how divers the exhibition was, there were many photos and letters, but also dresses, items they used, the diary of the tsarina, toys the children played with and furniture. Absolutely amazing!

One of tsarina Alexandra's dresses

Toys and drawings made by the children

A uniform jacket, worn by Alexei

Beautiful desk

The last diary entry of tsarina Alexandra. That night the family would be killed. 

This is me before the beautiful portrait of tsar Nicolas by Ilya Repin


  1. I love reading about the history of the Romanovs. How cool that you got to see such an amazing exhibition!

    1. I was moved to see certain items, like the toys the children played with. I felt priviliged to be able to visit this exhibition, and I think I will go back there!

      Kind regards,


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