Hydrangea first-aid

This morning I bought some new plants for my balcony (more on that later this week), and I had a lovely time making a beautiful arrangement of lovely combinations.

It has been very warm here today, over 25 degrees Centigrade (over 77 degrees Fahrenheit). And when I looked outside in the afternoon, I saw that my hydrangea's were not feeling very well. They looked like they were dead already.

I immediately took them inside, put them in the sink and watered them.
Sad looking hydrangea's
But soon it was clear that this was not enough, my beautiful hydrangea's needed more. So I took two buckets, filled those with water and placed the hydrangea's inside. They have been soking up water for a good two hours and I am pleased to see they look their normal healthy self again.
On their way to recovery
Tomorrow it will be even warmer, so I know I will keep a close eye on these two plants and indeed on all my plants to make sure they do not get dehydrated. I want my plants to last the whole Summer, not just two days!!
Restored health


  1. Hydrangea's are so beautiful; I'm glad you were able to save yours! :)

    1. So am I! I was a bit scared they could not be saved, but the bucket did the trick!

      Kind regards,

    2. It was a very smart idea; I never would have thought of it. :)

    3. I cannot take all the credit, somebody gave me the tip!

      Kind regards,


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