Exotic animals

Near my house is a park, where they also shelter exotic animals that were dumped by their owners who could not or would look after them anymore. Or animals that have been taken by the authorities from their owners who did not look after them properly.
I cannot imagine why people want to have an exotic animal as a pet, when they have no idea what the animal needs. People are stupid.

But, inside the park is a little zoo/botanical garden, and a few weeks I go, I visited it for the first time. I did not know they had these animals, but I loved seeing them here, in a safe environment, and knowing they were well looked after.
This snake was huge!

Some kind of bird, a pheasant perhaps? 

Look at those colours

Funny creatures

This Meerkat was under a heat-light, and refused to look up

Look at the pins in detail

The Meerkat finally looked up, I love their little faces. 


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    1. I love meerkats, their faces are so cute. I always think that if you give them a hat (kepi), they can be French policemen.

      But I also loved the snake and the porcupine (I think it is a porcupine?) It was quite a surprise that these animals were here.

      Kind regards,

  2. The reason that I've been a volunteer in a exotic animal veterinarian near me for 5 years because I want to help the community and to see some exotic animals like this. By the way thanks for sharing.


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