Downton Abbey (2019)

Yes, yes yes, I saw the movie Downton Abbey this week. I loved the series (despite a few storylines I did not care for much) and I was very excited to hear about the film. This Wednesday I had my day off, and decided to go the cinema.

It is 1927 and Downton Abbey receives an important message: The King and Queen will visit Downton and stay there for a night. Since Lady Mary runs most of the estate, she is also in charge of running this visit and a lot of preperations will have to be made.

The staff is excited, although it seems Barrows, who is now the butler, is not completely up to the task. That is why Lady Mary calls for Carson to help out.

Unfortunately the servants of the royal household are terribly rude and want to run the show, something the staff at Downton does not like one bit and they will have to do something about that.

In the meantime, one of the Queens Ladies in waiting is a cousin of Lady Violet Grantham, and there is some unsetteled business between them.
Lady Mary calling on Carson for help with the royal visit. 

I loved the film. I do think it is a film for the fans, if you were a Downton Abbey fan already, you will love this film. If you did not like the series, you will dislike the film.
Also, you have to know the characters and what they have been through to understand where they come from.
Lady Grantham, Edith and Mary. The costumes are beautiful!!

Highclere castle (where Downton Abbey was filmed) looks marvellous, the costumes look amazing (so much attention to detail) and all the actors did a great job.

I loved the storyline of Thomas Barrow and I am glad he can find some happiness, he deserves that, and the same goes for Branson.

I liked the story of the Royal visit, it is just a great episode in the book about Downton. It is also good to know that Lady Mary will take care of things and continue the tradition.

I hope there will be another series, but perhaps set in the thirties, with the economical crisis making it even harder for the Crawley's to maintain Downton, the rise of fascism and the looming of WWII. That would also be very interesting, I think.

But for now we have six seasons and a film to keep us happy, and I think I will just begin rewatching season 1!


  1. I'm so excited to go see this one! I'm hoping for this weekend...fingers crossed. :)


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