The travellers, Regina Porter

I recently picked up this book from the bookshop and I just need to tell you how good it is. It tells the story of two families, a black family and a white family and we follow the different members of each family through different places and different times (the novel is set in the period 1950-2008).

We follow the different people and the way their lives entwine, although they do not always know this.
We see the Vietnam war, segregation and the AIDS epidemic of the eighties. We follow people who are kind or unkind, who are happy or unhappy, single or married, gay or straight, young or old, man or woman.

This is a completely original novel in the way the story is built, it is not linear of chronological. Sometimes in the middle you suddenly go back to the beginning, because you recognize a character you read about before.

The characters are well written, and the whole story is absolutely beautiful and interesting. I could not put it down when I began reading.

The travellers by Regina Porter is already one of my favorite books of this year.