Exhibition Jan Veth

Jan Veth is a Dutch artist, painter, and art critic who lived from 1864-1925. He was also a professor in art history and was one of the people who founded the Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam. In short, he was a very divers and versatile man and highly appreciated by other artists in his time. He was mostly specialized in portraits. 

Last week I saw an exhibition about his work and I was blown away by how absolutely beautiful his works are. It is amazing to see his attention to details. Spectacular! I did not know Jan Veth very well, perhaps I read his name here or there, but after last week I am a fan. 

So here are a few examples of his paintings.


Portrait of his father

Portrait of a woman

Portrait of a laborer, 

Portrait of a woman on her sick-bed

The exhibition: The eye of Jan Veth can be seen in the Dordrechts museum in Dordrecht until September.


  1. I love his self-portrait!

    1. He looks like a very kind man in this portrait and I think he was. Most people thought very highly of him! I also really like the portrait of his father and the one of the woman with the blue background. It was amazing!

      Kind regards,

    2. I'm so glad you got to go see this exhibition!


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