Privacy statement (GDPR)

According to the European law (known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have to be more careful about handling personal information.
That is why I have the following privacy statement.

If you want to contact me, you can do this by emailing me at or by leaving a reply at my blog

Personal information
My blog, Impressions notebook, does not receive personal information from visitors through GoogleAnalytics. I also do not have ads on my blog that use personal information.

Through the Blogger Dashboard I can see how many people visited my blog, how many came from which country, what kind of browsers were used and which posts were read. I do not see any other information like names or IP-addresses. The information I do see I use to which posts are popular and which are not.

Gathering personal information
I do not gather personal information on my blog Impressions notebook. I also do not have the intention to do so in the future. If you do have the idea that I have stored your personal information, please contact me at and we can solve the problem.

Reactions to Impressions Notebook
There is a possibility to leave a message under a post. The content of this reaction is visible for each reader.
If you use your google log-in to leave a reaction, people can click to your profile and read the information you left there. (f.e email, link to your blog etc)

It is possible to leave an anonymous reaction on this blog.

How long is a reaction visible?
A reaction is visible as long as the post is up. Of course you can remove the reaction if you want to.

A cookie is a small file that is send to your browser and is stored in your computer, when you open this website. The information from that file can be send back to the website when you come here again. I am not able to get to this information, this is done by Blogger and not by me.
You get a cookie warning every time you come to this site and of course you can remove the cookie by removing your browser history.
Social media
On the page About you can find how to contact me through social media like Twitter or Bloglovin. Most of these canals work with cookies. I have no influence on these cookies and get no information from them. It is wise to read the privacy statements from these platforms.

I have tried to be as clear as possible about the use of personal information on this blog. If you think I got something wrong or if you want to add something, please contact me at: