The things that inspire me

It is cold enough for me to finally put on my wintercoat and tomorrow summertime will change into wintertime. The days are getting shorter and every evening I close the curtains in my livingroom early. This seems like a good moment to start a new blog. Interesting prospect, and a bit daunting, I must admit.
I am not new to blogging, but I am new to blogging in a different language than my own, my first language is Dutch.
This blog is a bit different than my Dutch blog, it will be more about my impressions and observations about the things that inspire me, although some posts will occur both here and on my Dutch blog Bettina schrijft.

Just to give you an impression, here are a few of the (many) things that can inspire me.
First of all: books, I love books. All kinds of books, literature, thrillers, fantasy, biographies, you name it and I (probably) read it.
One of the walls in my living room, with about half of my bookcollection.
Secondly, my cats, little furry friends.
Corrado and Silvia  

Of course the Imperial Family of Russia must have a place
No need to say more about this tragic family

As does Steve McQueen
Just a few of my favorite movies with Steve McQueen
and one of the many books I own about ´The king of Cool´

I love art both ancient and (relatively) modern

Paul Klee, one of my favorite painters
Ancient bronze statue of a boxer, Musseo Massimo, Rome
photograph taken by me, Rome 2012

And Rome
Balcony in Rome, photograph taken by me, Rome 2012

And history
Temple of the Vestal Virgins,
Photograph taken by me, Rome 2012

And often very simple things like these
Flower at the Foro Romano, photograph taken by me, Rome 2012