It is 2013!

A very happy new year to all of you, and may 2013 bring you everything you hope and wish for.

2012 was not a very good year in some respects, but I did see, read and hear amazing things, and here is a little overview.

I saw a few exhibitions in 2012, and two really stood out for me.
First there was 'Impressionists in the Hermitage', in the Hermitage in Amsterdam. I really like impressionist paintings and this was really beautiful. You can find the webiste Here
But the most amazing one was 'Lux in Arcana' in Rome, which I was fortunate enough to see when I was in Rome in August. This was an exhibition with all kinds of special documents and papers from the Vatican archives.

I bought a few cd's this year and my two favorites are 'California 37' by Train and 'Liverpool Rain' by the Dutch band Racoon. Both cd's are packed full with amazing songs.

I am just giving you the top 3 of fiction and non fiction books here, for a more complete list I refer you to my post on a corner of the library

Non fiction
1/ Rubicon, Tom Holland
2/ To the river, Olivia Laing
3/ Alix & Nicky, Virginia Rounding

1/ The Villa triste, Lucretia Grindle
2/ Mr. Vertigo, Paul Auster
3/ Stoner, John Williams my review

Most of these books have not been reviewd yet on my English bookblog A corner of the library, but they will be and then I will post the links to the relevant articles.