Visions from Rome

Last week I spent a five days in Rome, my most favorite place in the world. I came back last Tuesday and here are some photographs to give you some idea of what we did.
The Pantheon, usually one of my first visits when I am in Rome. The building is so amazing.

Piazza Navona is the best square in the world,
it is beautiful and the atmosphere is amzing with all the artists.

Flowers and ancient brickwork on the Forum Romanum and the Palatine.
I just happen to like both, so usually I make a lot of photographs of flowers and old stones.

These stairs lead to the Piazza Campidoglio. Climbing them is well worth it.

Trevi fountain, of course I threw in my coin, I want to come back to Rome, after all!

The Spanish stairs with the church at the top of the hill. Loads of tourists, usually.

The columns on the sides of the Saint Peter's square. So impressive.