Lost in Austen (2008)

Just recently I discovered the lovely mini-series Lost in Austen. In this story Amanda Price is a modern day woman who loves Jane Austen and especially her book Pride and Prejudice. In her hectic life all she wants is to read her book. She wants to emerge herself in a world and a time that is so different than today, with better manners, beautiful clothes and more elegance.

One night she hears something and when she finds out what made the noise, she finds a young woman in her bathroom. That woman is Elizabeth Bennet. In Amanda's bathroom is a door that leads directly into the attic of Longbourn.
Elizabeth and Amanda switch places and Amanda meets the Bennets. Mr. Bennet (Hugh Bonneville) and Mrs. Bennet (Alex Kingston) and the four other daughters. Amanda finds out the Bennets have a new neighbour, Mr. Bingley. In short, Amanda finds herself at the beginning of the novel and is completely lost in the world Austen created. There is however one problem; since Elizabeth is not there, Darcy will not fall in love with her. Before Amanda knows it, everything goes wrong and happens not as it is supposes to happen.
A post modern moment for Amanda

I heard about Lost in Austen, but only saw it last week, and I loved it. I loved the originality of the story, the fun parts where Amanda knows things the characters do not know. I specially loved how she asks Darcy a special favor, to have a little postmodern moment, as she calls it herself. Priceless. I found Lost in Austen to be fun, intelligent and heartwarming. I am very pleased that I bought this in the spur of a moment!


  1. Thanks so much for writing about this mini-series. I have not heard about it until now and because of your blog post will try to get a copy. I love Jane Austen and just wrote about her on my blog yesterday.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sunday. Knowing from your blog how much you love Austen, I think you will like this mini series.

      Kind regards,


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