I absolutely love notebooks. I use them as journals, for list-making, jotting down reminders and inspirational things. I often have to restrain myself when I am in a shop that sells notebooks and paper-blanks, because in my mind there is always room for more. Here is a stack of some of my notebooks, (not even all of them). In this pile there are the books that are full, in use or waiting to be filled. When a book is full deciding which notebook I will use next is a huge pleasure. (I know I am a little bit strange)

Two notebooks I use at the moment. The blue one with the Italian scooters in the colours of the Italian flag is my journal at this moment. It is made by Ciak Firenze, and the cover is made of recycled leather. Ciak is the sound the elastic band makes. It is made in Florence and I love this book.
The notebook on the right is a paper-blank book, I always love their beautiful covers. Here I jot down notes for my bookclub.
Two green notebooks waiting to be used. The one on the left I bought in the Kroller Muller Museum, the cover is a painting by Vincent van Gogh. The one on the right is also a paper-blank. The cover is a design by William Morris.
Hand-made books are even better. I always buy one when I am in Rome, as it is such a good memory of a beautiful city. The one on the right has a blue ribbon to close the notebook, the one on the left has a leather spine. Both notebooks are hand-made by Cartolina Pantheon, and they have three shops in Rome. These two are from the shop at Piazza Navona. I love the covers on both of them.