Yoga for real life, Maya Fiennes

Maya Fiennes was born in Macedonia and she now lives with her family in England. She was a concerto pianist, but now she is a well known yoga teacher who wrote several books and made dvds.

She practices Kundalini yoga. And although this is not a form of yoga I like very much, I do like this book. In Yoga for real life Maya uses the seven chakra’s to write about the different aspects in people’s lives, like creativity, relationships, finding joy, relaxation and self confidence. In each chapter she gives examples, practical advice, and some recipes and asanas (yogaposes) that strengthen this aspect. Especially the advice is full of wisdom.

Beautiful pictures and quotations illustrate this book and make Yoga for real life a book that is a book you can use every day, even if you never stand on a yogamat.
Published in 2010