Foyle's war (2002-)

Sam, Miller and Foyle
I love historical series and I love English detectives. It makes me very happy when these two are combined. Poirot, Miss Marple, Brother Cadfael, Mrs. Bradley and Father Brown, I love them all.

A great series is also Foyle’s war. Michael Kitchen playes Christopher Foyle, a policedetective in Hastings. The series starts when WWII just broke out and during all the episodes you see the war progress.

Foyle is a widower and his son Andrew joined the RAF.
Foyle has two trusted people who help him, his sergeant Miller, who lost his leg during the landing in Norway and Samantha (Sam) Stewart who drives him. (Foyle does not have a drivers license)

I really like how this series shows the changes during the war. In the first episodes people are afraid the nazi’s might invade and a little bit later the RAF is fighting the Battle of Britain. In 1941 you hear the Germans invaded Russia and so it continues. You also get to know about supplyrations, bombardments, landgirls and the blackout. The producers tried to make this series as authentic as possible. Of course there are little mistakes, Foyle for example has a rank that was not installed until 1949, but these are small things. The fashion and the props, the events and the atmosphere really give you a great idea of life during the war. And the cases are thrilling as well!

Foyle is an honest and decent man, who has to solve crimes under difficult circumstances. Often he hears people use the war as an excuse for what they did, but for him a murder is still a murder, even if there is a war going on.

Great actors play the lead roles, Michael Kitchen as DCSI Foyle, Anthony Holden as DS Miller and Honeysuckle Weeks as Sam Stewart. Other actors who play guestroles are for example: Charles Dance, David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, Stella Gonet, Rosamunde Pike, Cheryl Campell and Sophia Myles.
I treated myself to the dvd box with the first 22 episodes, so I have been really enjoying myself ever since it arrived!


  1. You know, Craig Ferguson is a HUGE fan of Foyle's War.


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