Simply Italian

It cannot be a secret that I love cookbooks. Books not only with great recipes, but also with a great atmosphere. Last week I found a  new cookbook that ticks all the boxes for me.

Simply Italian, family cooking with the Chiappa sisters is written by Michela, Emanuela and Romina Chiappa. The family originates from a small town in the north of Italy, but the sisters grew up in Wales.

All three of them have busy lives and jobs. One sisters has her own coffee and pizza bar in Cardiff and works for a large company, the other works as a nanny and has her own business and the third works for a fashion company. They are not professional chefs, but they do not pretend to be. They just love cooking. Each sisters has her own specialty, the quick and easy basics, the time-consuming and elaborate recipes and baking. This is the mix you find in this book. How to make your own pasta in such an easy looking way you want to start immediately, amazing sauces, soups, potato, meat and vegetable dishes, difficult looking filled pasta, salads and delicious cakes.

The recipes are explained well and are easy to follow. Often there are tips included to change the recipe or to execute the dish better. The photographs make the book, because they make it clear how enthusiastic the Chiappa sisters are about their food.
I love to have this book in my collection!

Published in 2013


  1. I've recently been wanting to add some more cookbooks in my life, I say some more but the only cookbooks I do currently own are for baked goodies and so aren't technically 'cooking'. I had previously heard about this cookbook but wasn't sure whether to purchase - cookbooks aren't cheap and so you don't really want to plough money in to something that doesn't work for you - but I'm glad to have seen it featured on your blog and now think it will be a great starting base for my cookbook collection. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Bettina!

    Bits & Bobs

    1. You're welcome! If you want more cookbooks, I can also recommend Rachel Khoo and Sophie Dahl, I really like those.

      Kind regards,


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