Cobra, Deon Meyer

Police inspector Bennie Griessel is called to a murder. Three men, obviously bodyguards, are shot and a fourth man is kidnapped. Who the kidnapped man is, is unclear, he gave a false name and hired the extra security without giving further information.

When his team is investigating the murder, they find out the bullets that were used, have also been used in cases that are being investigated by Interpol.

When they find out more, the Secret Service takes an interest and takes over the investigation. Griessel’s team continue their investigation on their own accord, although that could have terrible consequences. 

In the meantime pick pocket Tyrone stole something he should not have and he needs al his wit to stay out of the hands of the murderers that are after him.

Deon Meyer did it again, he wrote a thriller that grabs you by the throat from page 2 and does not let go. I was afraid I would not understand the financial aspect of the case (I never understand finances), but this was no problem. It is mentioned, but it is not crucial for the case.

Cobra is not just a well-written thriller, but the difficulties of life and the different groups in South Africa are also described. We get to know Bennie Griessel a little bit better again in this book. His life is finally looking up, but because he is still ashamed of his alcoholism and the years he was a policeman during the Apartheid it makes him believe that his luck will not last and any moment the situation can go wrong again.

Deon Meyer also always knows how to make the different people come alive in his books and you feel for them. A very good example is the pickpocket Tyrone, I really liked him and I was cheering at the end when his luck is finally changing.
I am already looking forward to the next book in the series about Bennie Griessel.

Original title: Kobra (Afrikaans)
Published in 2013
An English translation will be available on 31 July 2014


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Bettina! I read 7 Dae and I enjoyed it so much. Did you read it in Afrikaans or English?

    1. Neither, I read it in Dutch! :-) I am glad to hear you enjoyed 7 Dae, I also liked it. And the other books about Bennie Griessel I enjoyed just as much. (Nederlandse titels: Duivelspiek en 13 uur)

      KInd regards,


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