A few favorite blogs

I often browse the web for new and inspiring blogs. I always like it when a blog has a blogroll, because that is the place where I find more blogs of the same kind. I read bookblogs, but also blogs about personal style and lifestyle.

Here are (in no particular order) a few of the lifestyle blogs I really enjoy reading at the moment, filled with inspiration and interesting articles.

The rich life on a budget Here
Living in the beautiful wine country in California, Adrienne lives a very rich life, only she does so on a budget. She knows it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, for example a lot of her clothes come from second-hand stores (and she has great style). I especially like how she always tries to make the best of life and to improve herself.

Ciao Domenica Here
Sunday loves all things British (especially Bloomsbury), with a dash of Italian or French. She writes about her garden, books, cooking and much more. Beautiful photographs and often very interesting posts that are well put together.

How to be chic Here
Fiona lives in New Zealand, but in her dreams she has an apartment in Paris. She tries to incorporate all kinds of French chic in her lifestyle, especially in the way she behaves and looks to life. Very interesting and inspiring posts about being chic in every-day life, in a way that is actually do-able.

The gardener’s cottage Here
Simplicity boring? Absolutely not when you read this blog about cooking, veganism, style and gardening. Beautiful, elegant and most of all: inspiring. Janet manages to make simplicity look stylish and easy.


  1. I always love discovering blogs that bloggers I enjoy read - so thanks for sharing!
    Bits & Bobs


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