A little confusion and some Woolf

Christina Carty as Virginia Woolf
A few days ago I wrote about the fifth season of Downton Abbey finally being broadcasted on Dutch television and how much I was looking forward to seeing Virginia Woolf in it.

Somehow, I do not quite sure how, I had the idea Virginia Woolf would be in the fifth season. Only yesterday I found out she was actually in the first episode of season four. I absolutely cannot remember this and I must see this episode again, because I completely missed her!

I am a bit disappointed, since I was looking forward to this and when I saw the photograph of the actress I thought she looked like a splendid Virginia Woolf.
Oh well, I got my information completely mixed up, no Woolf at Downton in season five.

To have some Woolf anyway, I am reading The Bloomsbury cookbook I bought last week and this is absolutely magnificent. A review will follow soon.
On my nightstand I have the diary of Virginia Woolf and I really enjoy reading this. And if I am really desperate for some Woolf on film, I can always re-watch The hours again, with the excellent Nicole Kidman.
Virginia Woolf