Antonio Carluccio's pasta

This is the Dutch cover
Antonio Carluccio is one of the best known Italian chefs. He has a famous Italian restaurant in London, has written many cookbooks and has featured in television programmes about Italian cooking. In short, if there is anyone capable of telling us about pasta, it must be Antonio Carluccio.

This book: Antonio Carluccio's pasta is divided into two parts. The first part is all about pasta- information. He tells about the history of pasta, different kinds of pasta and which pasta can be used with which sauce.

The second part is all about the recipes. Pasta in soups, pasta and different sauces, fresh and filled pasta, pasta dishes from the oven, pasta in salads and pasta in desserts.
The recipes are from all the different regions in Italy.

I love how he makes even recipes that looks difficult easy to follow, even for the amateur home-cook.
The eggsoup with farfalle looks absolutely delicous and so does the pasta all'Arrabiata. And I think I finally found the right recipe for pasta alla Carbonara. I could get lyrical about the pasta with beef sauce from Napoli or the classical pasta ovendish from the south of Italy.

If you only want to buy one Italian cookbook, I think this is one you should consider.

Published in 2014