Pane e tulipani (2000)

Pane e tulipani (bread and tulips) is the story of Rosalba, who is on a holiday to see the touristic sites of Italy with her husband and children. During a stop at a restaurant near the motorway, Rosalba misses the bus and her family don’t even notice she is not with them. Rosalba decides to lift home, only when she is on her way she thinks she finally has the chance to go to Venice, where she always wanted to go.

She finds an apartment and a job and she makes friends in Venice and she has a very good and happy time there. In the meantime, her husband is sending a private detective her way to find out why Rosalba won’t come home, but the question is if Rosable has a reason to go home again?

Pane e tulipani is one of those beautiful and almost fairytale-like movies. It has everything, humor and funny scenes, some tragedy and romance. Venice looks, as always, amazing!

In short, this is the perfect movie to watch at night or during a rainy day.