How I plan my blog

Since I have two blogs, planning for me is essential. I do not think I could keep things organized otherwise.
I have a Dutch blog and this blog and on my Dutch blog I have 5 posts every week and over here two to three a week. 

I bought a dummie and in there I write down everything I need for my blog. Schedules, ideas, to-do lists etc. 
I usually try to plan a-head for three to four weeks, and have two to three weeks actually written and planned. 
This is how my six weeks planning for two blogs starts
Leading in my planning are the bookreviews on my Dutch blog, because these reviews determine what bookreviews will appear here. Sometimes I have a bookreview on my Dutch blog of a book that has no English translation or it is a book that I do not feel is right for this blog. Then that book does not appear here. 
I do try to make sure there is at least one bookreview over here each week, and often I have two bookreviews. 

I also try to make sure these are not the same kind of books, not two non-fiction books in a row, or two books about Russia or something like that. 

When I have that mapped out, I will see what other articles I need to fill the week. I try to mix articles about films, art, fashion, lifestyle etc, to have something divers and interesting each week.
I hope I plan it so that I do not have two similar posts in a row, like two articles about painters or two filmreviews. I try to mix it up, and I think most of the time I succeed. 

My planning is not rigid, I often vary and shift posts around to make sure it is the best possible planning I can have. 
That is also why I prefer my handwritten schedules to a spreadsheet in excell or something fancy like that. I can pick up my notebook any time I want (often in the evening when I already shut down the computer) and I can scribble away as I like. 
For now, my system works and I am very pleased with it. 

This is what it looks like later on


  1. I'm glad someone besides me schedules (and writes) their blog posts in advance; I mark mine on a calendar and try to stay a week or two ahead. But I'm impressed that you can so successfully juggle two blogs. I do well just to keep up with one. :)

    1. Using a calander is also a very clever way, I never thought of that! :-)
      I like the peace of mind it gives me when I have two weeks planned in advance. I love that.

      Kind regards

  2. Having a schedule for my one blog is a lifesaver so I can imagine this system of yours helps greatly having two blogs! You seem super organised, but flexible with it.
    Life’s Open Pages

    1. I try to be organised, and I like to keep things structured, When I do not do that, it turns into a mess inside my head and I do not like that.

      Kind regards,


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