Joseph Mallard William Turner (1775-1851) is one of the most famous painters England has. He mostly painted landscapes, but his mind was also captured by the new things he saw, like the trains and the steam that surrounded them.
I love his colours and the way he paints, his works make me really look at them, in admiration and in awe.
He is one of the few nineteenth century painters still worth looking at, I think.


  1. His painting are amazing. I wish I could see more of his work in person and not just in books. :) Great post!

    1. I also really love his paintings, I like how he uses colour and how you can make out what it is, despite it not being very clear (not being very clear here myself, I think, but I hope you still know what I mean.)

      Kind regards

    2. I do know what you mean and I completely agree. :)


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