Ready for Halloween

Old Paris shop-sign, Musée de Carnavalet


  1. Is Halloween a popular holiday in The Netherlands? I know here in the U.S. people decorate their houses weeks ahead of time, (not me) and really go crazy with the whole Halloween theme. And then there's the Halloween parades at all the elementary schools and trick-or-treating... Do you guys do that, too? I was just wondering.

    1. Oh no, absolutely not. Some shops try to sell Halloween, but it is not very succesful, I think.
      I just loved this image and knew I wanted to use it here :-)

      But happy halloween for you! (we do trick or treat, at November 11th, the day of Saint Martin, but only in some parts of The Netherlands)

      Kind regards,

    2. You're lucky. It's crazy how inflated Halloween has gotten over'd think it was our national religion. I don't understand why Americans are so obsessed with this holiday. But I do like all the chocolate you can buy in nice bite-sized pieces to give away...or eat yourself. :)

    3. The same happens here with our holidays, Sint Nicolaas (December 5th) and Christmas. The candy for Saint Nicolaas has been in the shops since the first of September and it seems people get crazier every time with their presents.
      It is good to have holidays, but there is no need to go overboard! :-)

      Kind regards,


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