Canal St. Martin

This canal in Paris was openend in 1825. It is 5 kilometres long and has nine waterlocks that have to work out a difference in height of 27 metres.

The canal was built so ships could cut their journey over the Seine short by 12 kilometeres. It is no longer in use for the professional boats, but the area still has the industrial feel to it.

The many waterlocks and iron bridges are very characteristic and it is lovely to walk here. I think it will probably be even more beautiful in the Summer, but then it will also be a bit more crowded I imagine. When I walked here a couple of weeks ago, it was very peaceful and I felt like I was in 19th century Paris for a while. Lovely.
It is only about ten minutes on foot from Gare de l'est, so it is not difficult to go there and have a stroll in this very special part of Paris.