Wise words

Last week I read a book by a Dutch Catholic author who interviewed abbots and abbesses about their search for God, finding happiness and other things. 

Some very wise things were said and I want to share a few of those words with you.

Mind you, I translated these sayings from Dutch (and sometimes paraphrased a bit), so any mistakes are all mine.

  • Sometimes you rise above yourself, that is what God can do for you.
  • Silence is necessary. When it is not quiet enough, I cannot lose myself and I cannot create the space I need to reach God.
  • Happiness is not having all your wishes come true.
  • Jesus was tired sometimes as well. So it is okay to be tired and to ask for help, to ask for a drink. Let it happen and the drink will be given.
  • Good must have the last word, not evil and not just a coincidence. God will always have the last word. Goodness is an absolute given. And God guaranties this.
  • You can keep your mouth shut for the entire day, but still comment on everything you see and do. This means there is still no internal silence.
  • Being a monk is not just dedication, it is also a spiritual craft, a training to be silent and park your worries to create a space where you can meet God.
  • Praying is helping. Because it gives you a firm ground to stand on and brings God inside, and therefore life. What can a prayer from me mean for the people on the outside? If nobody knows, God still knows. He is a very intense listener.
  • God does not ring the bell and tells you what to do. Only in hindsight do you see God’s hand in your life. Only when God has passed by, you will recognize his voice.
  • In every community there is tension between God’s greatness and our smallness. You can meet God in so many ways, but you must have an open eye. And you must be willing to be the lesser one.
  • If I cannot pray, than that will be my prayer.
All these wise words come from the book Hoe word ik gelukkig (how do I find happiness) by Leo Feijen


  1. Some of these are very powerful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome! So many wise words in that book, it was hard to make a choice.

      Kind regards,

  2. These are great. That one: "Jesus was tired sometimes as well" really struck me for some reason. I had to write several of them down in my notebook. :) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You are very welcome. That one is indeed very beautiful.

      My favorites are that you must be willing to be the lesser one and that if you cannot pray, that is your prayer.

      Kind regards,

    2. I like that last one a lot, too. Maybe because I find myself there so often.

    3. I know what you mean, I think the only thing you can do is in that case is say 'Here I am, this is it'.
      And then you know that just being there, acknowledging that you do not know how to continue is often enough. God knows and understands.

      Kind regards,


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