Urban Jungle Bloggers, zoom zoom

We are halfway March and it is time for the theme from Urban Jungle Bloggers. The theme for this month is Zoom zoom. We all have so many plants in many varieties in our home, but when we look at them closer, we see even more beauty. We see shades of colour, of the grain in a leave, we see much more than we ever thought we could see.
So here are a few details from the plants in my house.
Beautiful orchids, and look at the details on those leaves

Cute little leaves

Lovely shades of green

Another orchid

This is art

This one looks like a star. 
Urban Jungle Bloggers (here) is an initiative from Judith (here) and Igor (here), who want to give more attention to our indoor plants.
This was the second time I participated in their monthly theme and I must say that I do enjoy this very much. I love my plants and I really like looking at them with a new perspective.