(not) my Summer reading list

All around blog-land I see people coming up with reading-lists for the Summer. I love to read those, but I never make a list for myself. Why not? Well, the moment I create a list of books I want to read, I want to read every book except the books on that list. I am weird that way, I know.

However, I do have some plans for my reading this Summer. I have six weeks vacation, so plenty of time to read.

And here it is: my Summer reading list.

Do I plan to read all this? Most certainly not! These are a few of the books I might read this Summer.
Let me explain: when I create a list of set books, I do not want to read them, but these are just options to choose from. I can end up reading just one of them, or perhaps (almost) the whole lot.

I always like to read about a place I intend to visit and since I am going to Venice, I need to read some books about Venice. The first book you see is a Dutch travelguide, that is packed with anecdotes and stories about all the momuments, buildings and campo's in Venice. The second one is Venice by Jan Morris and is about the history of Venice. I will definately read this book before I leave!

What books to bring with you on holiday is always an important question. I like to read a book that takes place in the same area where I am, and that is why I picked my Dutch translation of Across the river and into the trees by Ernest Hemingway. This was written in Venice and is set there.

The book on top is a book with stories from Anton Chekhov. I own all his stories in beautiful editions, but I would never take them with me in my bag. This edition I bought especially for that purpose. I put it in my bag because I not not mind so much when it wrinkles a little.
I picked this book to prove my theory that you can read the stories by Chekhov everywhere and anywhere.

Talking Italian 
These three Italian novels have been on my shelves for quite some time and it is time I read one of them. The top one is an omnibus with three novels by Cesare Pavese. The second one is by Francesca Maciano and the third is by Alberto Garlini. All these are Dutch translations of course, but I am not sure if there are English translations available of these books.

Don't forget the French
I also want to read some French literature and think about The plague by Albert Camus or The possibility of an island by Michel Houellebecq.

When it all goes south
I have a fascination for the Deep South and even have two shelves in my bookcase dedicated to Southern Literature. This Summer I think I will read my first William Faulker: The sound and the fury (in translation) or The complete short stories by Flannery O'Connor or one of her novels: The violent bear it away (also in translation).
Both are great examples of Southern writers and I cannot wait for at least one of these.

New history
Very excited about these two books. I love Russian history and I cannot wait to dive into The Romanovs by Simon Montefiore. I hate his novels and most certainly his wife's novels, but I hope this non-fiction work is good. The book looks amazing!

So does Katherine of Aragon by Alison Weir, a beautiful hardback with an amzing cover. I know Alison Weir is a very good writer and I am looking forward to read about my favorite wife of Henry VIII.

It is all about art
I willnot forget about art this vacation and I think I will read at least one of these books. The book about Barbara Hepworth I bought after I went to the exhibition of her work, I want to know more about this extraordinary artist.

The other two books are about art appreciation and understanding (modern) art and both look very interesting. The top one is: What are you looking at, by Will Gompertz and the other one is: 33 artist in 3 acts by Sarah Thornton. I have the Dutch translations for these books.

We also need some non-fiction.
And of course I also intend to read some non-fiction. The first book is the biography about Gertrude Bell, Queen of the Desert by Janet Wallach (bought for 3 euro's) and the second one is about Ernest Hemingway and how he wrote his novel The sun also rises. This book is called Everybody behaves badly by Lesley M.M. Blume.

So which ones will I read? I do not know. Probably I will read at least one from each category, but then again, you never know. I might end up reading completely different books! I will let you know what I read exactly at the end of this vacation.


  1. I know what you mean about suddenly not wanting to read the books on your To Read list; I guess that's why mine is constantly changing. :) It looks like you have a lot of good books to choose from...which is always nice. Happy Summer Reading!

    1. Thank you, I am looking forward to reading these coming weeks. And guess, what, I am already reading a few books on this list (funny how that works) :-D

      Kind regards,


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