Ready for the Summer

To be honest, it has not been much of a Summer, but this week the weather has been a little bit better than in the previous weeks.

I always enjoy making my balcony ready for the Summer. This year I was late, because I had to wait for the painters who would paint the balcony. As you can see, they still need to come, but I did not want to wait any longer (it took them longer because they cannot paint when it rains, and it rained a lot in the past weeks).

When the painters do come, it will not take me long to bring the plants etc to the other balcony and put the table and chairs on the landing.

But in the meantime, I have a lovely balcony. As you can see, I did not buy a lot of plants, but enough to make it look lovely.

This is the main balcony, and I look onto this balcony from my living room. This group has a Hydrangea on the chair (the only purpose of the chair is to provide some heightdifferences :-) ) In the leftcorner you see a Strawberry and the small green plant in the brown pot is Melissa. The large green bush is a Cosmea with lovely pink flowers and on the right a Spanish Marguerite. I am not sure what the small purple plant in the middle is, some kind of Campanula I think.

On the table I have three plants, a little Marguerite, a Petunia (love that deep-purple) and Mint.

In the last corner opposite the chairs and table only two plants. I have no idea what the one in the large blue pot is, some sort of Petunia I think. And in the front you see a Lavender.
The brown pot is placed upside down, because it is too narrow and there is no way to get the water out when there is a plant in it. And in this way it still provides something nice to look at.

This is the little balcony on the other side of my flat. I never sit here, but I do like to have a few plants here to make it look a bit nicer. A large white Cosmea and another Campanula on the chair.

I am very happy with my plants and I am looking forward to sitting on my balcony, enjoying these beautiful flowers. I do hope the weather will get better!


  1. What a pretty little oasis!

    Oh, and you asked me about that book, The Fifth Avenue Artists Society...I ended up not liking it as much as I hoped I would. It should have been a great read: it's set in the Gilded Age, the main character is a struggling writer, she meets other artists...but I thought it moved really slow, and I never really warmed up to the characters. So I was a little disappointed. But Lindsey (another blogger) liked it a lot better than I did, and wrote a great review of you might want to check out her post about this book before you cross it off your list. You can find her review here:

    1. Thank you very much, I love my balcony and the plants on it, it makes such a lovely picture.

      Thank you also for your review of the book, I have read the other review, but I do not think it is a book I would enjoy, so I think I will cross it off my list. Thank you very much for taking this trouble!

      Kind regards,


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