Inspirational art: Canal Grande in Venice

Venice is a beautiful city and much beautiful art is made here.
The American painter Walter Griffin studied art in Paris and spent most of his years in Europe. In 1913 he visited Venice and painted this beautiful painting of the Canal Grande.

I love how this painting immediately brought back the memories of my trip to Venice in 2011. I remembered the sun on the water, the warmth and the palazzo's along the Canal.
Canal grande, Venice, Walter Griffin 1913
See in the Singer museum in Laren
See the details and how the brushstrokes are visible. I wanted to touch it and feel the paint, but of course this was not possible.
I especially like this painting since I was in Venice again this week. If everything goes well, I will arrive home this afternoon. I will tell you more about my trip in the weeks to come!


  1. Wow. Such a beautiful painting. Hope you had a great time in Venice!

    1. I love how this painting captures the atmosphere of Venice. I had a great time and I will share more very soon!

      Kind regards,


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