Luxury on a budget

I must admit I do enjoy luxury. I enjoy going to the hairdresser or getting a beauty-treatment. This is a little treat for myself and I enjoy these moments immensly.

I also love a good cream and great beautyproducts, only I am not prepared to spend hundreds of euro's on things that can be bought cheaper. It is, I think, a question of looking a bit better for items than just buying the first expensive item you see.

A cream that costs a hundred euro's does not have to be much better than a cream that costs fifteen euro's.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered this new line at my local drugstore. It is a Dutch drugstore and it is their own brand.

It is not a huge line, three different types (Jasmine and Vanilla, Lime and Mint and Elderflower and Raspberry)
and a couple of products (f.e. lip-balm, handcream, bodycream, showergel etc) in each type.

I bought three different items. I bought the Elderflower and Raspberry lip-balm, the Lime and Mint handcream and the Jasmine and Vanilla body cream.
The bodycream and the handcream are very nice. Rich and smooth and it gets absorbed really well.
The lip-balm it the only thing that does not live up to my expectations. It is not rich enough for my dry lips and within  a couple of minutes my lips feel dry again. So that is not a success, but the other two are.

I think the items look really nice and luxurious, but I can tell you that I did not spend more than 12 euro's in total on these three.
Affordable luxury is the best!


  1. Great that you have found some fairly inexpensive products that suit you! Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't consider going to the hairdresser as being luxury. Like you, I like good beauty products etc., although I don't spend much on cosmetics (it's quality that counts, but as you say, that doesn't necessarily that something has to be expensive!), and I certainly wouldn't describe myself as vain or obsessed with outer appearance. But going to the hairdresser on a regular basis and getting a pedicure from time to time - that's a basic for me, not luxury :-)

    1. Good quality products are important, but for example I am not prepared to pay more than 25 euro's for day-cream. I have now one by Vichy that is under 20 euro's, and that is even better! :-)
      Going to the hairdresser in itself is not a luxury, but I do like to treat myself to an extra treatment for my hair when they wash it, and that is something I enjoy so much!

      Kind regards,


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