Victoria (2016)

Jenna Coleman
Last Saturday the first episode of the new series Victoria aired on Dutch television. Since I love history and good British costume-drama's, I naturally watched it. And I liked it very much.

Of course, I have only seen the first episode so far and it may go downhill after that, but in this first episode there was much to like.

I have only seen Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald in Dr. Who, but I already liked her in that and I thought she did really well as Victoria.

She made it very clear how difficult it must have been for such a young and sheltered girl to suddenly become the Monarch. Victoria made mistakes and was not the easiest to work with, but her mother did not prepare her for this job at all.

I do think Jenna Coleman is much prettier than the real Victoria though!

Rufus Sewell is one of my favorite actors, he is amazing in almost everything he plays in. To see him here as Lord Melbourse, the kind prime-minister who helped Victoria during her first difficult years of her reign is really good. I believed the chemistry between them.
Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell
The costumes are beautiful to look at and I did enjoy the side stories of the servants. They did not take up too much room, but enough to show there is more going on in a palace than you might think.

I saw there is a second series in the make, so this first series will not cover her whole reign. I am looking forward to the other episodes. It has the possibility to become a bit 'soapy' but based on the first episode I think this is a series I will enjoy very much!
Jenna Coleman