The botanical gardens in Florence, Italy

Whenever I am on holiday I usually visit a city. And in those cities I love to walk around in parks and gardens. These are a great source of shade (not unimportant in a hot Italian city during the Summermonths), and of course plenty of benches to sit on and get some rest (not unimportant when you mostly walk everywhere).

When I was in Florence in 2015, I visited the botanical gardens. These were set up in 1545 and originally provided the plants for the pharmacists to make medicines. Nowadays the gardens are part of the university of Florence. You can visit them and it is a lovely place to walk around. 

When I looked at the photographs (I do that sometimes, especially when the weather is cold and grey and I need a fix of 'Sun, warmth and Italy') I notice that of course the botanical gardens do not just grown plants in the garden, but also have greenhouses and have a job to preserve plants and to study rare plants. 

So here are a few photographs of the greenhouse in the Botanical gardens of Florence, and the pots with newly grown plants. 
I know that next time I will visit Florence, I will visit the botanical gardens again as well. 


  1. I'd like to be somewhere warm and sunny like that! Thanks for sharing your pics. :)

    1. It was so lovely and you could near hear the noise from traffic or something, so quiet and nice. And when I look at these photographs, I still remember each moment and how much I loved it there, I love photographs.

      Kind regards,


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