Gilmore girls (2000-2007)

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It is very weird with tv series, I am usually far behind the crowd, or very far ahead.

Now it may seem that in this case, I am very, very far behind. But the opposite is the case. I think I watched Gilmore Girls from the very first moment it aired on Dutch television and I fell in love with it.

And then something happened that often happens in these cases, more and more people began watching it and gushing about it and that is usually the moment I stop watching. And I did.

I saw the occassional episode every now and then, but I never really got into it anymore.

But somehow, last month, I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls again. So I bought the whole series on DVD. (Yes I know there is something called Netflix, but I do not have that. I am oldfashioned in that way.)

And in the past weeks I have been falling in love all over again, with Lorelei and Rory, Emily and Richard, Luke, Sookie and Jackson, Paris, Max Medina, and all the other people who made this series such a joy to watch.

I have been thinking about the reasons why it is such a heartwarming series. And I have come up with a few things (in no particular order).

- It is set in a small town, where everybody knows eachother and cares about eachother. Stars Hollow is the kind of place you want to live.
- Being eccentric is not a problem in this town, since everybody is pretty eccentric. Being different is embraced.
- The series has characters who are likeable, but also make mistakes.
- You can relate to the situations, since the characters deal with everyday things, we all have to deal with. They just talk much faster than we do while solving these things!

I understand there is a new series that picks up the story 10 years after the last episode of season 7, but I am not sure yet if I will watch that. I have read some very mixed reviews about it and I am not sure it would not ruin the magic of Stars Hollow for me.
But who knows? I might watch it in fifteen years or so.


  1. How could anyone not love The Gilmore Girls? Lorelai and Rory and everyone else in Stars Hollow are such great characters. They always make me laugh. I guess it's another thing we have in common. :D Have you read Lauren Graham's autobiography Talking as Fast as I Can? I haven't yet, but I want to. Maybe this summer.

    1. How wonderful you like Gilmore girls as well!! I did not know Lauren Graham wrote a book, but I will see if it is in the library, it will be worth reading I think.
      Have you seen the update series A year in the life? And did you like it?

      Kind regards,

    2. I haven't seen the updated series, yet, but I've heard some positive things about it. Hopefully that means it's good. It'll be fun just seeing that great cast again. :)

    3. Then I'll think I will wait until you have seen it, and if you tell me you like the new series, I'll watch it as well :-)

      Kind regards,


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