Impressions of Bologna

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the Italian city of Bologna. It is an old city and houses the oldest university in the world (1088), but at the same time it is young and vibrant. For me a good vacation combines culture, leisure, shopping and good food. This vacation had it all!

Here is a little impression of Bologna.
Most of the streets have these galleries (porticos) that provide protection against sun or rain. 

Bologna has a lot of old courtyards, This is in the monastery of Santo Stefano. 

The very impressive memorial for the brave partizans who lost their lives during WWII

In the Middle Ages Bologna had more than 100 of these towers. Now only these two remain. 

Everywhere you look, you can see an amazing little surprise like this balcony.


  1. Sigh. Another great city I haven't visited. Maybe someday. Until then...thanks for sharing your great pics! :)

    1. You are welcome, I do not think I will ever visit the US, so I am always greatful for the pictures you sometimes share! :-)

      KInd regards,


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