Japanese art at the Rijksmuseum

Last week I took my mother to Amsterdam and we visited the Rijksmuseum. Purely by coincidence we ended up in the Asian art section of the museum. I must admit I am not a huge fan of Asian art, but there were a few things here I really liked.

These are all examples of art from Japan.
This first photograph is a detail from a painted screen. It was really delicate and beautiful.

These three paintings are also very delicate and they look very serene. They were painted on long strips of paper and looked almost like modern collages, while the painting itself was done in just a few simple swirls. But these were not modern at all, they were painted in the 18th and 19th century.

I am afraid these photographs do in no way show how absolutely beautiful these paintings are, but I hope they do give you some idea.
Tiger, Kono Bairai (1844-1895)

Birds after snowfall in the winter
Konoshima Okoku 1877-1938)
Lotus root and rat
Shibata Zeshin 1807-1891)


  1. I wish I could see these in person. :)

    1. It was truely beautiful. I must admit I am not a fan of Asian art in general, but the moment I saw these paitings, I loved them. There was something very powerful about them despite beind so 'simple'. I am not sure how I can explain it.

      Kind regards,


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