A farewell to Summer

I saw these beautiful bright flowers on my way to school on the first day after the Summer vacation. After six weeks school started again and my life of leisure is over!

We did not have a very good Summer in The Netherlands, a few very warm days and a few good day, but for the rest it was rain and wind all the way. And the past week it was even worse, on Friday all of my students were soaked to the bone because of the heavy rains.

So I think we can say goodbye to the Summer and look forward to the autumn. Yes, in The Netherlands that usually means rain and wind, and even more rain, but it is also the time for warmer clothes, closing the curtains earlier in the evening and light a few candles to bring some light into the darkness! The perfect season for reading while you sit on the sofa under a blanket, with the rain against your window and the lights turned on.

If things are horrible outside, you must make your home even more warm and inviting. The Dutch word for this is 'gezellig', roughly translating as 'cozy', but that is not completely right.
Here is to a very 'gezellige' autumn/