Notes from an exhibition, Patrick Gale

Families can have a lot of influence on people, the traits you inherit from your parents, the way you and your siblings interact, all have an impact on the rest of your life.

This is also the case for the children of Rachel and Anthony. Rachel was a  painter and she and Anthony lived in Cornwall.

Rachel was also bipolar, and often the household centrered around her moodswings. But the quiet religous beliefs of Anthony's quakerism also had its impact on the family, it was not an easy thing to live up to.

When Rachel dies, all remaining familymembers must come to terms with their memories and their grief. And slowly we learn about Rachel's past and the things that happened during these past years.

I discovered Patrick Gale a couple of months ago and read A place called Winter, which I loved, and I am glad to say this second book I read did not dissapoint. I really admore how Patrick Gale manages to write different people at different ages, each with their own voice. He is especially spot-on when he writes from the perspective of a child.

I also like how things are never black and white with him. It would be easy to condemn Rachel as a bad mother, but she was also a great mum, and although her being bipolar has a profound impact, it is never used as an excuse for her behaviour.

Families can be complicated, but Patrick Gale has a wunderful insight in them and this makes Notes from an exhibition a beautiful book.

Published in 2008


  1. This certainly sounds like an interesting read!


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