Caravaggio, second work in Napels

On the same day I visited the first Caravaggio, I went to the museum where the second painting is hanging. This is in the museum Capodimonte which is in the north of Napels. There is a bus going, I believe, but I took a taxi there and walked back.

Second day, second painting.

The flagellation of Christ (1607)

This work was commissioned by the di Franco Family, for their chapel in the San Domenico Maggiore. Since 1972 it hangs in the museum.

Caravaggio painted the moment Christ is bound to a pillar and he is tortured. A man grabs him by the hair and another kicks him in the knee, making Christ fall over.

This painting is very moving. It hangs in the museum at the end of a corridor, so you can see it from the other side of the building. And the moment you see it, even from that far, you know this is the painting you need to see. It is that powerful and that beautiful.

I actually had tears in my eyes when I finally stood in front of this painting.

Museo Capodimonte, Admission 12 euro's (May 2018)