A few days in Paris

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days in Paris in the last week of October.

I went there on a Wednesday and arrived at Gare du Nord at 11.35 am (I left from Amsterdam at 8.17 am, it is an excellent connection with the Thalys).

I always make sure I have a hotel at walking distance from Gare du Nord, and I only had to walk 10 minutes. My room was not ready yet because I was quite early, and I left my suitcase at the hotel and decided to walk along the Canal St. Martin. This is one of my favorite spots in Paris and I love the atmosphere here. At some points I can imagine being in Paris in 1880!
Canal St, Martin
Then after about 1 1/2 hours I went back to the hotel, and after a few moments in my room I went back out again. I walked to Montmartre and climbed the stairs to the Sacré Coeur. It is quite a long climb (it is always a bit higher than I think!), and I decided to treat myself to a hot chocolate from the little kiosk. So I drank hot chocolate while I sat at the steps of the Sacré Coeur, not a bad way to spend time there!.
Sacré Coeur as seen from somewhere in Montmartre
Afterwards I walked around Montmartre and made a lot of photographs. I love my new camera!!
After dinner I went back to the hotel and had an early night. I walked almost 13 kilometres that afternoon!

The following morning I had breakfast with hot chocolate and a croissant (I felt very French) and then walked towards the Seine to the Île de la Cité. I wanted to visit the Sainte Chapelle, because I never visited it before. When I go to a city I have been before, I like to see things I know and enjoy, and to discover new things.
Early in the morning

The Sainte Chapelle was built in 1243-1248 by King Louis IX of France, who had purchased the most important relic in the whole of Christendom, namely the Crown of Thorns.
So this church was built as a fitting house for that relic.
Inside the Sainte Chapelle
The church is beautiful. There is a chapel underneath and a church on top of it. The lower chapel was for the King's household and the Church was for the King and his family. Here are 15 stained glass windows of 15 metres high, with over 1100 scenes from the Old and New Testament. It is amazing!!

Of course I also visited the Notre Dame, but it was a bit too crowded for me.
Detail from the Notre Dame
I walked towards the Jardin des Plants, sat on a bench for a while and enjoyed the sun.
Jardin des Plantes
Later that afternoon I returned to the other side of the Seine and went to the Place des Vosges. I love this square, it is so lovely. Here is also the musee Victor Hugo, which celebrates the life of one of the most famous writers in the history of France.
Place des Vosges
Then I walked along the Marais, went to Les Halles and after dinner I walked back to my hotel. I walked almost 18 kilometres that day and I really felt my feet. :-(
The roof of Les Halles
The following morning my train went at 10.25 am from Gare du Nord, and I was too tired to do much. I took my time at the hotel, and walked towards the station, stopping for a very good coffee on the way. And at 3 pm I was back home again.

It was not a long visit, but sometimes all you need is a few days to get some energy and reload. I am up for the long stretch of term until Christmas.


  1. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing :-) You are lucky that the train connection to Paris is so good from your area. It makes it so much easier to travel there when you don't have to change trains several times!!!

    1. Yes, the train connection is excellent and that makes going to Paris very easy. From my area there is nothing that beats the train!

      Kind regards,

  2. Ahh...three perfect days in Paris! Love your photos. Wish I could have been there, too. :)

    1. Thank you! It was indeed a small visit, but quite perfect. Paris is always great.

      Kind regards,


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