The sea, the sea

A couple of weeks ago I was with some colleagues from my school at a hotel in the little place of Egmond, near the sea. We were here for a 24h conference and studyday. The best thing is that the hotel is 2 minutes away from the beach, and we were lucky with the weather. So it is no surprise that we were walking there a lot! (I even took a walk at the beach before breakfast on the second day. I would love to be able to do that every day).

Anyway, here are a few impressions. (I took them with my phone, so they are not the best)


  1. That middle photo, with the sunlight on the waves and sand is amazing! Walking on the beach is one of my favorite past-times. someday I hope to be able to do it everyday. :)

    1. That is my favorite photograph as well! I would love to walk on the beach each day, everytime I am in Egmond I wish I could live there, although I think it horrible in the Summer (way too many tourists).

      Kind regards,


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