Two sculptors

Recently I visited an exhibition that focusses on two amazing sculptors from the 20th century. Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) is mostly famous for his longstretched people. He was already a famous artist when Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003) began sculpting.
Three figures, Giacometti

Dansers, Chadwick
Where Giacometti worked in clay, Chadwick used iron bars and steel plates and welded them together.

In 1956 everybody expected Giacometti to win the prize for sculpting at the Biƫnnale in Venice, but it was Chadwick who won.

In the figures Giacometti made, you see people being vulnerable and brought back to their essence. He was fascinated by moving people and people meeting in busy streets, walking past eachother.
Walking man by Giacometti 

Dansers by Chadwick
Lynn Chadwick had his people completely in armour.

In this exhibition in museum De fundatie (the fundation) in Zwolle, these two artists are placed together, since they both had something to say in their time about the Cold war and the danger people were in. More than 150 workes could be seen and I loved almost all of them.

So great to see new artists, I did know Giacometti, but I must admit I never heard of Chadwick, but I liked his work very much.

Cat by Giacometti (secretly my favorite of the entire exhibition)

Beast by Chadwick


  1. Love those Chadwick sculptures!

    1. They are amazing, I really liked them. I never heard of Chadwick before, but I thought it was the perfect combination to Giacometti.

      Kind regards,


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