What have I been doing?

The past few weeks have been very, very busy at school. So busy that often when I got home, I did not even open the computer, since I was too tired. And before you know it, a week has passed without a post on my blog.

But what have I been doing besides school?

In the past weeks I read a couple of very good Dutch history books. But I also re-read The secret history by Donna Tart and I again I fell in love with this book. It is so well written and the story is so rich with details. This was the fourth time I read it in the past twenty years or so, and every time again I love it.

This past week I have been re-reading Dan Brown, my brain just could not take anything more complicated. First I read The Da Vinci code and after that Angels and Demons. I like the first one better than the second one, since I do not find the scientific stuff in Angels and Demons even in the least bit interesting. Are the books written in a beautiful style? No they are not. But they are entertaining and sometimes that is all you need or want in a book.

Now that I feel a bit rested and have more concentration again, I will start in the seven books that make the famous French classical series by Marcel Proust, In search of lost time. There is a new Dutch translation and last year the complete series was published with fresh covers. It looks very nice and I am looking forward to reading this. I will take my time, no need to rush!

I am watching Rosemary and Thyme again. I love Felicity Kendal! And Pam Ferris is also great. Ridiculous murders, but I love the gardens, the atmosphere and the two lead characters.
Pam Ferris and Felicity Kendal as Julia Thyme and Rosemary Boxer

This week I had the time to do something I wanted to do for a long time, I painted the built-in bookcase in my living room and all the doors.

The bookcase was painted in a dark blue. A beautiful colour, but it was quite dark. Now I painted it a soft green-gray. It looks very light and I love how it looks.


In my flat I have a quare hall, with seven doors. All the doors were painted in different colours, green, blue, pink, lilac etc. Very fun, but after eight years, I wanted something else. So I painted all the doors in the same grey-green colour I used for the bookcase. It looks very beautiful, but it was a lot of work. (every door has two sides, after all!)
The door of the study and the frontdoor,
and as you can see, I was ready to paint. 

Now all the doors are in this lovely grey-green.

I am glad I got it done and I must admit that after having such busy weeks, it felt good to do something completely different. And the result is amazing!


  1. Love the green bookcase! And can you believe I have yet to read The Secret History? I've been meaning to read it for years and have just never gotten around to it. Hearing how much you love it makes me determined to read it this year at last! :)

    1. Oh, I think you will love The secret history!!!
      And yes, the green bookcase looks great, doesn't it?

      Kind regards,


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